Start your weekend pumped!

This class is aimed at putting the body into the fat burning zone. With varied training each week to keep the body guessing and prevent fat loss plateaus.

Pushing you to your fitness limits…. but not past them. (Working at the level that suits your body).
“Maximum Possible Weight Loss In The Shortest Space Of Time” The workouts will challenge the cardiovascular system and improve your fitness levels.

Price – £5 PAYG or £20 a month.
Time – 08:30 – 09:15. Every Saturday.
Date – Saturday 17th June. Then every week onwards

Fitness levels – All. (High and low impact available).

Venue: Radipole Park (Down Radipole Park Drive).


Class details.

Venue: Radipole School Field.

PRE BOOK: No just turn up on the day.


£5 PAYG or 1 month pass for £20 (Calendar month from the 1st to last day of the month).


Single class.

Instructor: Louise and Alice.