Ladies who lift.

Do you find weightlifting intimidating?

  • Are you lifting correctly?
  • Are you aware of how important strength training is for women?


Your fitness Instructor Alice will show you how to properly lift weights. Using different training techniques each week, to shock the body for continued results and learn new exercises, form and techniques each week.

Focus is on weight training movements and ways to implement modifications to meet your individual needs and goals. Strength training is finally getting the attention it deserves as a vital and highly effective type of exercise for women. Women are learning that strength training not only enhances muscle definition, but also boosts metabolism, increases fat-burning, reduces injury risk and helps keep the middle age spread at bay!

£6.50 PAYG or 4 consecutive weeks at £22.
Pre booking is needed as spaces are limited. 24 hours notice to refund or reschedual a missed class as we have a waiting list.

  St Aldhelms church hall, Spa rd.


£6.50 PAYG or 4 consecutive weeks for £22.
Pre-booking required: Yes.

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