Have you tried lots of diets, lost weight then gained it all again, sometime gained more? Do you dread the summer as you are not confident in your own skin? If this is you, then look no further.

Have you tried lots of diets and exercise classes before, lost weight, then gone back to your old ways and un-done all your hard work?


If this is you, then look no further!kelly


It takes around 4 weeks to un-do habits with food. I’m sure you can all identify where you go wrong with your healthy eating plans. From coming home from work hungry and grabbing the first thing to hand in the fridge. Missing breakfast and eating high sugar high fat foods later in the day as your hungry. Sitting down and night and “fancying something sweet”. Your body doesn’t need it, it’s just used to it.

This is why I have created a 12 week plan, to un-do bad food habits and create new healthier ones, by filling the body up on good foods so you will no longer feel hungry.fliss

Over the 12 weeks the good food choices will become the norm. Your body will no longer crave sugary snacks and you will start to feel a huge increase in your energy levels.

The plan is designed to burn body fat with all the hard work done for you. Fats, carbs and proteins are calculated for you. All you need is some measuring cups, no weighing foods or counting calories involved!

Please note you can do the diet plan alone without classes.


You Get……

  • A done for you fat loss day by day meal planner. With meals suitable for busy lives.

  • A 12 class pass each month  (Pilates not included).

  • Recipes

  • Complete personal trainer support.

  • Measurement and photo log to monitor your fat loss progress.

  • Weekly weigh in and monthly measures at Fridays Outdoor Fitness Camp).

  • One day a week guilt free CHEAT foods!

  • A free 3 class pass for a friend

  • Guaranteed fat loss. or your money back!guarantee

I am so confident in my plan that I am backing it up with a 100% money back guarantee if you do not see a noticeable difference in your body.


  • – A week by week meal plan which is proven to drop body fat, fast!

    – Recipes and diet plans

    – Full personal trainer text, email and Facebook support

    – Membership to our exclusive Facebook group

    – Measurement and fat loss progress log book

    if you live in Weymouth10 classes a month if opting for the complete program (Pilates not included).

    – Full money back, fat loss guarantee

    – A transformed body by the end of the 12 weeks!

  • – Book your New you, fat loss for life program program just £35 a month for 3 months

    – Or choose the New you, fat loss for life program program with a 10 class pass each month for just £60 a month, for 3 months. £60 paid monthly.

    Chose any classes of the TWC Timetable. (Pilates not included).


The plan alone is just £35 every 4 weeks. For 12 weeks.

New you plan.

The plan & 10 classes every 4 weeks. just £70!


Plan & Classes.


If you want results, contact me today:

Phone: 07824 446561
Email: charmaine@trainwithcharmaine.com