I’m Charmaine a fit and healthy personal trainer and nutritional therapists. I always found it easy to lose weight and maintained a happy size 8/10 until I suddenly started gaining weight with no change to my diet or training. In fact I was training for a half marathon, so was actually training more than normal. I went up to a size 12/14 in a year. Mostly around my tummy like a massive spare tyre. I looked pregnant and took numerous tests to check I wasn’t. After a year going back and forth to my GP being told it’s calories in calories out and feeling my GP presumed I was lying about my food and decided I was depressed because I cried when talking to him, out of sheer frustration!  I decided to change my GP and felt so relieved when he believed me and investigated my weight gain further and I was finally given the diagnosis of PCOS.

He informed me there was nothing that he could do to help with my weight loss, but could help me with fertility if I needed it. It had never been picked up that I never really have periods just spotting my whole life. I was advised follow a healthy diet and exercise will help. But I knew there was more to it than that. As I’m sure you guys do too!  I would write and follow a nutrition plan for my clients. Their weight would drop off and I’d struggle to lose hardly anything.
After more than a year researching I discovered that nutrition plays a massive role in controlling the hormone levels in our body. Certain foods increase our testosterone levels, which causes the viscous cycle of weight gain, excess body hair and irregular periods. Other foods increase inflammation. Plus many women with PCOS are insulin resistant, so most standard diets on the market don’t work for us. We also don’t need as many calories as most women. I’m sure you that you know you can GAIN weight really fast right!?

So a healthy diet alone won’t cut it. As discovered women with PCOS have a deficiency in many vitamins and minerals. Imagine our bodies being like a leaky bucket. You can fill up on all the healthy food in the world. But without adding the extra vitamins and minerals to plug the holes, your body won’t work properly.  After a lot of research I have found a combination that allows me to lose weight and I have also starting having periods again!

I have also discovered that certain exercise puts the body under too much stress and what training works best at helping with fat loss and inch loss. You’d think that all exercise would help to burn calories, but it’s not true with many women with PCOS. In fact too much training can trigger the stress hormone in the body and that causes us to get bigger! Hence when I was marathon training I gained weight.

The training I do takes up to a maximum of 45 minutes a day. Some sessions only 30 minutes, so perfect to fit in with a busy life.

I am offering my monthly nutrition plans, at a reduced cost from my regular plans as I want to help other women out.
I will let you know what vitamins and minerals to be taking and what purpose they serve helping your PCOS.
Also what training you should be doing. There is a personal program design package available.
I will be in touch weekly with emails to see how you’re getting on. Plus you will have full email and text support from me.
There will be a Facebook group for you to chat with the other women and help each other out.
I am also offering one to one personal training packages.




     How much?

For the monthly nutrition plans with all the information on correct vitamins and minerals, foods to eliminate and weekly emails and full support, I will be charging the reduced rate of
£25 instead of £35!

If you want home or gym workout plans added to your monthly nutrition plans it will be just
     £35 a month instead of £60!

For all of the above and one to one personal training it will be just
 £150 a month!

If you are interested in getting started, to finally balance your hormones and start seeing the results you deserve for your efforts. Then sign up today!

Please note there is no cure for PCOS and what I offer is to help with the symptoms, not to cure.