Get ready for a new, stronger, fitter, healthier, happier, more amazing you!

I’m a qualified personal trainer in Weymouth, Dorset. I am a firm believer that you can achieve anything you want to achieve.

Your body is an amazing machine and can be trained to do pretty much anything. 

What ever your needs are Train With Charmaine will create a personal training programme specifically for you. I create a diet plan specific for your needs. One diet plan does not suit everyone.

From fat loss, muscle gain or endurance, everyone’s needs and eating habits are different. I ensure you have a plan that will get you to your goals and be maintainable. Not just a short term fix.

I also specialise in strengthening the core, helping to correct postural problems and reduce back problems.

From learning to run, to completing a marathon, from losing weight to gaining muscle mass…anything can be achieved with the right training.


If you want results, book 07824 446561.