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Transformation yourself.

I’m guessing your reading this page because you’re not feeling happy in your own skin at the moment right?

You have 2 choices. Carry on feeling the way you do, or take that step in change your body, your life and start to feel good about yourself.

The team here at TWC are dedicated to get you fit and healthy… and making it a part of your everyday life.

So many people start fad diets, juice diets, low calorie plans etc. thinking they will do it and use it as a stepping stone to carry on losing weight. Right? …
No. All these diets do is make you and your wallet lighter, but because your body has been starved of the correct calories and nutrients. Your body tries to protect itself from famine when you go back to regular eating. It protects itself by storing body fat, in case you stave yourself again! Then you end up gaining all your weight and more!


I am passionate about making sure my clients are happy AND healthy. It’s not just a number on the scales. It’s NOT about getting as skinny as possible. It’s about being healthy and happy in your own skin. With the support of trainers that truly care about you and your progress on this transformation program.


No one fails if they have a night out, or if they fall off the waggon for a day or a week. It’s not failing, it’s living. We don’t shame people. We listen. We try to understand why and help you get back on track.

Our meal plans allow for a treat every week. Your eating habits should be adaptable. If you can’t go out and socialise with your friends and family because of your eating plan, it is not maintainable.

Would you let your children eat how you eat? If not, then you know it’s not healthy!

If you have had enough giving up. Feeling stressed about food and exercise. Then drop me a mail.

We are dedicating 3 months to getting you in a fitness routine and seasonal healthy eating plan you can maintain for life. You’ll become part of the TWC family. With trainers who truly care about you, not their pay packet.

You just have to want to change. Commit to 12 weeks of your life, being the stepping stone to a whole new beginning for you. Join our transformation program today!

  • Your body will be transformed!
  • You will have a way of eating you can maintain.
  • You will have found a fitness regime you can maintain that fits into your lifestyle.
  • You will be fit, healthy, glowing, confident and you will be glad you took that first step.


Putting the HEALTH back into the health and fitness industry!

Why will this plan work for you?

  • We begin the plan taking out certain foods for you to see if you have intolerances to anything, then after 4 weeks we re-introduce them. Once you know what you can and can’t eat, it’s easy
  • The following 4 weeks we focus on fat loss with a healthy balanced diet.
  • The final 4 weeks we use carb cycling to target stubborn fat stores and increase muscle tone.
  • You pick and chose from a choice of meals from our monthly seasonal nutrition plan.
  • There is a cheat meal every week, so you can go out and socialise without the guilt.
  • The meals are suitable for all the family.
  • The meals are easy prep with grab and go options for busy days.
  • Our weekly support emails means we are here to help you every step of the way.
  • We have a great team of fitness instructors, who will keep you motivated!

Please check availability if booking onto Pilates classes.
If opting for Personal training please check availability before paying.

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